Your new scooter from Ootys Scooters has been delivered after going through a complete PDI (pre-delivery inspection). We check all nuts and bolts for proper torque and apply loctite where needed. We check all electrical connections, We tune the carburetor, And most importantly we change the oil. The oil is the lifeblood for most scooters and should be checked and changed frequently. We recommend changing your scooter’s oil every 1000 miles. We start with 15w 40 Diesel oil (Shell Rotella T) – it has a high zinc content, which is good for the break-in period. We recommend the use of 10W40 full synthetic oil only after the bike has at least 1500 miles.

Please drop by the shop for instructions on an oil change, or have us do it while you learn. To the right is a link to an oil change instruction page.

We also service other Taiwan-built scooters such as Genuine Buddy, Kymco, Piaggio and Yamaha Vino. And now servicing Vespa scooters. Sorry, we do not work on electric scooters.

Service hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am to 3:30pm.
For an appointment please call (805) 965-8101