Fiddle III 200i

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If you looking for best urban commuting solution with best aesthetics, then the SYM Fiddle III 200i should definitely be on your list. She is sleek, chic, and neat, with classic two tones color design with european retro styling and alluring personality – the Fiddle III 200i is really looks the part.



If you looking for the best urban commuting solution with the best aesthetics, then the SYM Fiddle III 200i should definitely be on your list. She is sleek, chic, and neat, with a classic two tones color design with European retro styling and alluring personality – the Fiddle III 200i is really looking the part.


The astonishing modern retro design is the integration of arc body shape, classic European headlight and tail light. It is the most eye-catching ride with III 200i in and around the city.


SYM’s perfect intelligence EFI Intelligent Injection System utilizes computer programs to calculate the oxygen content ratio in the air and control the fuel emission to achieve complete combustion, full power, rapid start-up, fuel efficiency, low pollution and acceleration enhancement. Particularly in respect of environmental protection, this system can help reduce pollution up to 30% and decrease fuel consumption by 15% without any catalyzer device.

SYM's EFI System possesses warm compaction of induction, crank rotational speed, oxygen sensor cohering with the Environmental Protection Regulations, and engine temperature sensor. Collecting comprehensive conditions of the car and roads, it can proceed with precise calculation, and determine a perfect fuel injection volume, air-fuel ratio and ignition timing in order to achieve more powerful energy and less pollution emission, as well as to develop the best performance of the engine.


Ceramic Coating Cylinder is a high-tech product, which applies a special compound electroplating process to disperse SiC ceramic particles uniformly distributing on the cylinder wall. SYM is the first company in Taiwan to make mass production of motorcycle engines by utilizing SiC ceramic coating techniques.

The Ceramic Sic material can overcome the weakness of general ceramic materials, and in the meantime, it possesses excellent properties of high hardness (wear resistance), heat resistance, etc., which can be the best candidate matching the requirements of the engine cylinder. General conventional electroplating techniques cannot disperse SiC ceramic particles on the cylinder wall due to the insulation and high weight. As a result, SYM has developed the special compound electroplating process to disperse Ni particles and SiC particles on the cylinder wall together, which forms a particular cylinder with the compound electroplating layer (Ni/SiC), and brings the quality to excellence.

Currently, the quality control of mass production has already achieved to maintain the defective rate below 0.3%, so the ceramic coating cylinder with high quality and appropriate price can therefore be produced.


Maximum horsepower is at 11.8hp with a top speed of 65+ mph. Acceleration is smooth and continuous with a steady flow of power that serves it purpose. She’s perfect not only for getting around town but also for fast, smooth-flowing traffic on suburban roads.


With CBS - Combined Braking System.
Braking is achieved through sport-tuned front 190mm disc brake and rear 220mm disc brake with Combined Braking System.

CBS System, allowing more advanced control of brake force. This provides a more sensitive distribution of brake force over both wheels.

Another benefit of SYM’s CBS System, the brake force on both wheels is generated accordingly, providing optimum distribution and minimizing vehicle body reaction.


Handling is solid and agile. She’s easy to ride and flicks from side to side with the slightest thought and can handle the bumps and grind on the road.

With LED Daytime Running Lights

With the retro-modern style LED Daytime Running Lights, SYM Fiddle III 200i provides better visibility on the road and uses less energy.


The modern retro-inspired design instrument panel provides a clean and easy-to-read speedometer, odometer, digital clock, turn signals, and fuel indicator.


The Fiddle III 200i is comfortable and upright and nice and low to the ground. The retro-style chocolate-colored seat is broad and wide and with a 30” low seat height, she is confidence-inspiring.


The Fiddle III’s lockable under-seat storage is spacious with plenty of room for a half helmet with a lot of room around it to stuff other things.



Type:4-Stroke (EFI) Electronic Fuel Injection Engine (OHC) with Ceramic-Coated Cylinder
Compression Ratio:10.2±0.2 :1
Horsepower:11.8 hp - 7500 RPM
Max Torque:9.21 lb/ft - 5500 RPM
Cooling System:Air
Clutch:Auto Centrifugal Type
Starter:Electrical Starter
Spark Plug:CR7HSA
Battery Capacity:12V 8.6Ah (Closed Type, Maintenance-Free Battery)
Top Speed:65+ mph
Frame:High Strength Steel
Front Suspension:Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension:Unit Swing
Front Brakes:Disc (190 mm) with CBS-Combined Braking System
Rear Brakes:Disc (220 mm) with CBS-Combined Braking System
Front Tires:110 / 70 -12
Rear Tires:120 / 70 -12
Weight Capacity:333 Lbs
Net Weight:266 Lbs
Fuel:Unleaded (90 octane or higher)
Fuel Capacity:1.71 Gallons
Ground Clearance:TBD
Seat Height:29.5"
Age Recommendation:16+
Government Certifications:EPA & DOT Approved, C.A.R.B. Approved for CA
Warranty:24 Months Unlimited Miles with Tire to Tire Parts & Labor Warranty Assurance
LED lights:Front Day-time Running LED Light & Tail Lights
USB Power Outlet:In Front Glove Compartment
Top Case:Color Match Top Case Available
Midnight Black with Matte BlackResponsive image
Arctic WhiteResponsive image
Arctic White with Baby BlueResponsive image
Arctic White with Chili RedResponsive image
Hot ChocolateResponsive image

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Arctic White with Chili Red, Artic White, Hot Chocolate, Midnight Black